McDonald’s Monopoly Australia 2020 [Rare Tickets, Prizes & Game Info]

20150903 McDonalds MonopolyStarting Wednesday 2 September 2020, McDonald’s are bringing back McDonald’s Monopoly, with $532 million in prizes up for grabs right here in Australia!

We’re continually updating this post with the latest info with everything you need to know – scroll down for more game information, or click one of these links:

McDonald's Monopoly Australia 2020 - all you need to know! Rare Tickets / Rare Pieces - Macca's Monopoly 2020
List of Prizes - McDonald's Monopoly Australia 2020 List of Instant Win Food Prizes
List of Instant Win Non-Food Prizes List of Collect to Win Prizes
Popular Prize Information: Free Day Out / Free Hobby Session / Retail $ Discount Voucher / Year of Magazines / Free Movie Ticket  /  2 Months of Audiobooks / 45 Day Animelab Subscription / $50 The Iconic Voucher / $10 Ubisoft Gaming Voucher / $10 Ozsale Shopping Voucher / $5 Redballoon Code / $10 Redballoon Code / 3 Month Garage Movie Streaming / $20 off Europcar Rental / $10 off City Beach / 15% off Bloomex / $10 Bloomex Voucher / Blizzard Digital Code / $20 off Amazon 


In 2020, the total prize pool is $532 million! As usual, there are heaps of prizes available including cars, home entertainment systems, Free Fuel for a Year, Shopping Vouchers and much more! For a full list of prizes, click here.

There’s two ways you can win – through the Instant Wins – where 1 in 5 tickets win instantly or through the Collect to Win properties.

You can instant win Food Prizes like Big Macs, McMuffins and Sundaes or Non-Food Prizes like Free Days Out, Free Hobby Sessions, A Year of Magazines, Free Parking, Anime Subscriptions and much more!

There’s also Collect to Win properties – where if you collect the full set of Monopoly properties from one colour, you can win major prizes like a Volkswagen T-Cross, a $5,000 Travel Gift Card and a Trip to Blizzard HQ! To find out which tickets you need to win and the prizes, click here.

If you’re looking for more detailed prize information for a specific prize, click on one of the links above.

How to Get Game Tickets

To collect game tickets, you’ll need to purchase the McDonald’s products in the below. You’ll still get tickets if you purchase a value meal – for example, a Medium meal will earn you 2 tickets while a large will earn you 4 tickets. If you purchase a value meal with one of the burgers or salads below, you’ll earn extra tickets!

Game Tickets Purchase the following McDonald’s products (2020 List)
1 Medium Soft Drink/Thickshake/Orange Juice, Medium Fries, 10 Nuggets, Medium McCafe Beverage, Hash Brown, Classic Angus, BBQ Bacon Angus, Spicy Chicken Clubhouse, BBQ Chicken, Chicken Deluxe
2 Large Soft Drink/Thickshake/Orange Juice, Large Fries, 20 Nuggets, McFlurry, Large McCafe Beverage, Any Chicken Salad, Hot Cakes

You’ll also get an extra chance ticket when you order through the app, and spend a minimum of $10.

Monopoly at Macca’s App – read more

This year, the app is back and more important than ever – you’ll need the app to scan your tickets as there’s no longer a website where you can enter your tickets.

To download the app, click this link to download the iOS app, and click this link for the Android app.

Real World Monopoly

This year there’s brand new Real World Monopoly features where you can search the Real World to find tokens,  chance cards and instant win prizes in the real world.

You’ll need to find the closest Monopoly Zone to you in the app, and while you’re in the Monopoly Zone, follow the arrows and tap and hold to capture your item.

Real World Monopoly is only accessible between 5am and 8pm daily.

Unfortunately, Real World Monopoly may not  be available in Victoria at the moment due to the current lockdown. We’ll update this if this changes!

The Chest, Chance Tickets & Second Chance

As with previous years, you can scan your Chance tickets through the app to find out what property or prize you have won.

The Chest is also back – every five property tickets or tokens that you scan gets you another Chance ticket – giving you another 1 in 5 opportunity to get a instant win!

In addition, every ticket that you scan through gets you a crack at the Second Chance Draw, which means you could be drawn to win unclaimed prizes worth over $250 after the promotion ends. The Second Chance draw will be drawn on 4 December 2020.

For more information and to read more about the Monopoly at Macca’s app – click here.

20150902 Monopoly Game Board-page-001Collect to Win Prize Table / Rare Tickets

To win the Collect to Win Prizes, you’ll need to collect the full property set to claim the prize.

Each property set has one rare ticket – this is the ticket that you’ll really need to win the prize so make sure to hold on to it if you find one! The maximum no. of prizes column shows how many rare tickets there are in total throughout the country. For example, there’s 3 Collect to Win Volswagen T-Cross Cars to be won – that means there’s only 3 Park Lane tickets throughout the country!

The rest are common tickets – entering them will give you a chance to open The Chest and an entry to the second chance draw.

This year, you’ll need the game board and the following tickets to win the “Collect to Win prizes”:

Collect to Win Prize Table
Collect one Ticket for each of these Monopoly properties Rare Ticket Colour of Tickets Generic Ticket No.’s Collect to Win Prize Value of Each Max No. of Prizes
Leicester Square
Coventry Street 
Piccadilly (rare)
Piccadilly Yellow A260
$5,000 Flight Centre Travel Gift Card $5,000.00 4
Park Lane (rare)
Park Lane Dark Blue A280
Volkswagen T-Cross Car $43,098.75 3
The Strand
Fleet Street (rare)
Trafalgar  Square
Fleet Street Red A250
$1,000  Ozsale Online Shop Voucher $1,000.00 6
Bow Street
Marlborough Street (rare)
Vine Street
Marlborough Street Orange A240
Year of Free Fuel from BP $3,650.00 3
Regent Street (rare)
Oxford Street
Bond Street
Regent Street Green A270
Ultimate Bahco Gardening Kit $936.40 15
The Angel, Islington
Euston Road (rare)
Pentonville Road
 Euston Road Light Blue A220
Trip to Blizzard HQ $7,000.00 3
Pall Mall
Whitehall (rare)
Northumberland Avenue
Whitehall Pink A230
Flowers for a Year from Bloomex $2,500.00 5
Marylebone Station
Kings Cross Station
Liverpool St Station
Fenchurch St Station (rare)
Fenchurch St Station  Stations A290
Year of Car Rental from Europcar $20,000.00 1
Old Kent Road (rare)
Whitechapel Road
Old Kent Road Brown A210
Premium BBQ – Charbroil 4 Burner Infrared BBQ $999.00 8

More Info

You’ll need to sign up and use the Monopoly at Macca’s app to enter in the codes to claim the prizes.

To download the app, click this link to download the iOS app, and click this link for the Android app.

The promotion starts on Wednesday 2 September 2020. You’ll be able to purchase items and collect tickets up until Tuesday 20 October 2020, and you’ll be able to claim prizes up until Sunday 25 October 2020.

Let us know in the comments what tickets you’ve recieved!

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  1. Bev Essenhigh says:

    Hi pall mall free flowers and gifts for a year??free session zone bowling.
    Can you please explain what I need to do now???
    Instructions to me are not very clear. Please advise

  2. anon says:

    I have all but every single rare one.

  3. Lina says:

    I have a mayfair ticket so how many more to win the car

  4. Judy says:

    Have missed out on tickets on my large chips twice now – second time today when my husband went and got our lunch – no tickets on the large chips. Tickets were on the large drink. This has happened with the same store in previous years of Monopoly.

  5. Dean Mortimer says:

    My towns McDonald’s only allows instant win tickets if code hasn’t been scanned and requires the ticket upon collection of instant win item.

  6. Jo says:

    How do you find the monopoly zones in real world.

  7. vinaila says:

    i got 2 tickets i got retail & voucher
    and year of a car rental

  8. Ty says:

    I got 2 tickets on my large thickshake

  9. Nicky says:

    Went to a Maccas today, they said large shakes don’t get tickets.

    • Bianca says:

      Same brought 3 large meals changed to shakes and they wouldn’t give ticket cups

      • Dean Mortimer says:

        Got 2 tickets from chocolate shake. Some stores give shake in clear cup with no tickets. Others in cardboard cup with 2 tickets. Some stores allow multiple prize claims while other stores allow only one claim per visit/order.

  10. Ryan says:

    Apart from the car, the prizes aren’t that good.

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