NEWS: KFC Hot and Spicy Chicken returns 14 July 2020

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On Tuesday 14 July 2020, KFC are bringing back one of their most requested menu items – Hot and Spicy Chicken!

KFC’s Hot and Spicy Chicken features full sized chicken pieces marinated in a blend of chillies and spices, coated with a crunchy and crispy coating.

This item’s no stranger to Queenslanders and Western Australians who get the product all year around – but for those living in the rest of the country, you’ll have to get in quick, because it’ll only be available for a limited time only – from 14 July to 10 August.

Any meal with Original Recipe Chicken can be substituted for Hot and Spicy Chicken – you can even mix and match meals with a combination of both types of chicken.

Pricing for Hot and Spicy chicken varies by meal and location – starting from $3.00 for one single piece.

You can get it as part of the $4.95 Hot & Spicy Fill Up as well as the new $12.95 Hot & Spicy Zinger Box!

In Newcastle and selected stores only, you can also get it as part of the 9 for $9.95 Hot & Spicy Tuesdays deal using the KFC App – click to read more!

In QLD and selected stores in WA, you can get 9 pieces for $10.95 on Tuesdays.

To locate your closest KFC store and to check pricing, click here.

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  1. Michael Seal says:

    Alot of people wish u would keep hot and spicy on the menu permanently it’s never around long enough

  2. Michael adams says:

    Does mascot kfc(airport) have and deliver HOT N SPICY

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