DEAL: KFC – $8 Bucket Tuesdays

DEAL: KFC - $8 Bucket Tuesdays 3Update: this deal ended on 6 July – check out KFC’s latest offers, including 10 Tenders for $10 and the Christmas in July Feast! In QLD, you can still get 9 pieces for $10.95 Tuesdays on the KFC App.

In Newcastle, you can get the new 20 for $20 deal with 10 Pieces Chicken + 10 Wicked Wings, while in Gippsland you can get 20 for $20 with 10 Pieces Chicken + 10 Nuggets.

Available on Tuesdays for a limited time only, KFC are introducing $8 Bucket Tuesdays!

The buckets come with the following Chicken options:

  • 5 pieces of Original Recipe Chicken
  • 8 Wicked Wings
  • 10 Original Tenders
  • 18 Nuggets with 3 Sauces

Each bucket has a set number of pieces and cannot be swapped for other pieces.

The deal is available from 15 June to 6 July 2021 and is available for in-store dine-in or takeaway only, and is not available through delivery.

You can also combine this deal with the KFC Guest Experience Survey ( to get a free chips and drink with any purchase over $4.95.

Also, if you’re in Queensland, you can get 9 pieces for $10.95 Tuesdays exclusively on the KFC App – click to read more.

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14 Responses

  1. Roy Tonkin says:

    Ordered two $8 buckets, I got one box and did not get what I had ordered in it. KFC in Perth is just an absolute rip off, l guess it’s probably Australia wide. They will lose loyal customers. So disappointed …

  2. Malekeh Sanjarizadeh says:

    We went to KFC and ordered the bucket. We got 19 Wings but the bucket was just a regular box and the 19 “Wings” were just ribs cut in half. Very Disappointed.

  3. Ron says:

    Yes $8 bucket very misleading.

  4. Darryl Simpson says:

    I used to buy the 10 pieces for $9.95 and then realised that many of the pieces were actually ribs cut in half. That was 2 years ago and have never been to kfc again. Wake up people, they aren’t giving you a special, just another way to rip you off (stealing from you, its called)

  5. Eleanor Theresa Westaway says:

    i WENT TO kfc fAIRFIELD nsw. i ASKED FOR THE $8 tUESDAY SPECIAL. tHEY GAVE ME 8 PIECES OF VERY SMALL WINGS. And nothing else. I was very disappointed when I got home & opened the bag. Also it was in a box, not a busket. Very Very disappointed.

  6. Bob IRVINE says:

    I made the mistake of believing KFC advertising and discovered that the $8 bucket was not available in anything except hot and spicy. I was offered a 9 piece buck in original but the 5 piece bucket was not available! What a load of false advertising. There are laws against using attractive promotions that are not actually available to get customers into your store where you can upsell them or have them purchase something else for a more expensive price.

  7. Jenny says:

    The add dosen’t tell you that a bucket is actually ONLY a 5 piece box ! Not good when you think you are getting a good deal when you have friends over, A Complete RIP off.
    Check on line before you buy. Very disappointed and not for the first time at Dural.

  8. Ken Bjorksten says:

    Just got home with my $8 bucket from Ballarto Road Pakenham. 3 good pieces and 2 of the smallest wings I have ever seen. Have photo to prove it. Order 3 large chips get home 1/2 hour away and only 2 in the bag. Won’t go back there again and KFC what a rip on the chicken.

  9. Debbie Whittington says:

    Can I buy the $8 bucket any time of the day

  10. JOHN says:

    Just rang Lake Haven KFC asked about Tuesday $8 bucket deal and got a young man’s response – very I told him that I didn’t have a fancy mb for apps -said “No you don’t need that you can just get it through the drive through or in store “

  11. Viki says:

    What happened to 9 pieces for $9.95 on a tuesday in s.a.

  12. emma says:

    why is the Tuesday bucket “9:95 in Qld?

  13. Mary says:

    Why is the $8 Bucket Tuesday deal advertised to Monday 12th July instead of Tuesday 13th July,

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