NEWS: KFC – The Great Bucket Hunt with $22 Million+ in Prizes (starts 15 June 2021)

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Update 3 July 2021: KFC have ended The Great Bucket Hunt early due to lockdowns across the country.

From Tuesday 15 June 2021 to Monday 12 July 2021, KFC are dropping The Great Bucket Hunt with $22.8 Million+ in Prizes Up for Grabs!

How to Play

With The Great Bucket Hunt, you’ll use the KFC App to find one of 750,000 virtual buckets randomly located across the country in populated areas and close to KFC stores.

You’ll need to locate the buckets in the app, and then visit the bucket’s location in the real world before it expires to claim a prize!

This is similar to other augmented reality games such as Pokemon Go and the Real World Monopoly feature in McDonald’s Monopoly.

To get started, find The Great Bucket Hunt option in the KFC App and use the bucket map to track down your nearest buckets.

When you find a bucket before time expires, you’ll then have the opportunity to spin the virtual bucket to see which prize you win (see below for prizes). Every bucket you find wins you a prize.

You can find either normal Red & White Buckets, or Golden Buckets. If you reveal three Golden Buckets, you’ll win a Golden Bucket Prize – either $50,000 in cash or 1 of 8 $5,000 eftpos gift cards!

The prize will then be saved in your Bucket Stash in the App. If the prize you win is a food prize, you can choose to flip a virtual coin for a chance to win a prize of equal or greater value! If you lose the coin flip, you’ll receive a prize of equal or lesser value.

You can get up to three prizes at a time, and each prize will expire in 72 hours.

Also, when you download the App for the first time, you will receive a virtual bucket to spin to receive a free prize.

To get started and download the app, click on one of these links:

List of Prizes

The list of prizes in the promotion are as follows, with 5,706,069 Instant Prizes and 9 Golden Bucket prizes (1 minor Golden Bucket Prize of $5,000 per State/Territory and 1 major Golden Bucket Prize of $50,000).

The total maximum value of the prizes is $22,817,289.

Maximum number availablePrizeValue (each)Total maximum value
3000Cash prize delivered as a physical eftpos card (KFC)$10$30,000
2,000Cash prize delivered as a physical eftpos card (KFC)$25$50,000
2,000Cash prize awarded as a physical eftpos card$25$50,000
1,000Cash prize awarded as a physical eftpos card$50$50,000
500Cash prize awarded as a physical eftpos card$100$50,000
100Cash prize awarded as a physical eftpos card$200$20,000
1AFL Grand Final experience$15,640$15,640
1NRL Grand Final experience$7,700$7,700
1Ashes experience$18,150$18,150
2A year of KFC family feed (awarded in the form of a physical eftpos card)$2,600$5,200
2KFC for a year (awarded in the form of a physical eftpos card)$1,300$2,600
1KFC Catering Pack (awarded in the form of a KFC voucher)$1,500$1,500
1,000KFC branded hoodie.$62.00$62,000
955,297KFC Regular Chips$2.95$2,818,126.15
66,649KFC Large Chips$5.95$396,561.55
755,351KFC Pepper Mayo Slider$2.95$2,228,285.45
733,135KFC Go Bucket – Nugget$3.95$2,895,883.25
133,297KFC Regular Popcorn Chicken$5.95$793,117.15
44,432KFC Large Popcorn Chicken$7.95$353,234.40
133,297KFC Zinger Burger$5.95$793,117.15
44,432KFC Zinger Stacker Burger$8.95$397,666.40
133,297KFC Original Recipe Burger$5.95$793,117.15
222,162KFC Double Tender Burger$4.95$1,099,701.90
22,216KFC 15pc Bucket Chicken$27.95$609,937.20
44,432KFC 3px Boxed Meal$11.95$530,962.40
44,432KFC Ultimate Fillet Box$11.45$508,746.40
499,865KFC Mountain Dew Freeze$1.00$499,865.00
499,865KFC Pepsi Cola Freeze$1.00$499,865.00
111,081KFC Tenders 3 piece$6.95$772,012.95
50,129KFC 30 for $10 Nuggets offer$10.95$548,912.55
25,064KFC 21 for $21 Original Recipe offer$13.95$349,642.80
426,096Buy one get one free KFC Zinger offer$5.95$2,535,271.20
125,322KFC 9 for $9.95 Original Recipe offer$10.00$1,253,220
78,326KFC 10 for $10 Tenders offer$9.90$775,427.40
78,326KFC 24 for $10 Nuggets offer$6.95$544,365.70
234,979KFC $2 Pepper Mayo Slider offer$0.95$223,230.05
234,979KFC $2 Original BBQ Slider offer$0.95$223,230.05

For full terms and conditions for the promotion, click here to visit the official website.

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