McDonald’s Loose Change Menu (February 2024)

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McDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 1DEAL: $6.90 Quarter Pounder, McChicken or 6 Nuggets Small Meal + Extra Cheeseburger via mymacca's App (until 25 February)McDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 2DEAL: Free Oreo McFlurry with $35+ Spend with McDelivery via MyMacca's App (until 25 February)
McDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 3NEWS: Kerwin Frost Box Adult Happy Meal to Launch in AustraliaMcDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 4DEAL: Any Size Soft Drink for $1 (Selected VIC Stores)
McDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 5NEWS: Pineapple FrittersMcDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 6NEWS: Pineapple Sundae
McDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 7NEWS: Aussie Angus DeluxeMcDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 8NEWS: McCrispy Bacon Deluxe
McDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 9NEWS: Great Summer Range with New Pineapple Fritters, Pineapple Sundae & McCrispy Bacon DeluxeMcDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 10DEAL: $24.95 Bundle for 2
McDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 11DEAL: $39.95 Bundle for 4McDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 12DEAL: $49.95 Bundle for 6
McDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 13DEAL: $5.95 Loose Change Meal with Deluxe Cheeseburger, Small Fries & DrinkMcDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 14DEAL: $8.95 Loose Change Meal with 2 Cheeseburgers or Chicken 'n' Cheese, Medium Fries & Drink
McDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 15NEWS: Tim Tam McFlurry is BackMcDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 16DEAL: $3 Small Shake
McDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 17DEAL: 2 Hash Browns for $3.50 via AppMcDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 18NEWS: Chocolate Soft Serve Now Available Permanently in All Stores
DEAL: McDonald's - 24 Chicken McNuggets for $11.95 3DEAL: 24 Chicken McNuggets for $11.95McDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 19NEWS: Soft Serve Summer Tour - Free Chocolate Soft Serve at Selected Locations (until 10 February)
McDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 20DEAL: $5.75 Happy MealMcDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 21DEAL: $1 Any Size Frozen Drink via App
McDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 22DEAL: $2 HamburgerMcDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 23DEAL: $1.50 Soft Serve with Flake
McDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 24DEAL: $3.50 Small SundaeMcDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 25DEAL: $4.50 McFlurry
McDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 26DEAL: $3.50 Chicken Snack WrapMcDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 27DEAL: Free Small Drink with purchase over $4 for Student Edge Members
McDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 28DEAL: Free Cheeseburger, Large Fries or Small Sundae in Birthday Month via MyMacca's App
McDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 29McDonalds Vouchers and CouponsMcDonald's Loose Change Menu ([month] [year]) 29McDonald's Menu Prices Australia

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23 Responses

  1. sue says:

    could maccas do some meal deals like hj please

  2. Dan says:

    The double beef and bacon is now gone. Anyone know if they have replaced it, as they usually have a cheap burger deal?

  3. Peter says:

    The macas app rewards section has better deals than the lose change menu, you cant go wrong with 2 small big mac meals for $8 or $9 but the best deal of all is the 25% deals. When i get that deal pop up i go and use the kiosk type in my code and get the $40 family box for $32. The family boxes are not available on the app but you can use the code and order a family box through the kiosk inside, thats my way around it.

    KFC also has good deals if you know what to get through the app, they have a cheap as chips meal for around $21 and you can change around the sides to the ones you want or even add 2 extra sides for $6 and throw in 2 zinger burger combos for $14. You can really get a feast at KFC if you know what to look for on the app.

  4. Haz says:

    How do you access the ‘loose change menu’ from their self serve kiosks? I go there and theres no option and any of the items/meals on the loose change menu are only under their usual menu with no discount. HJ’s has a horrible app and KFC are a rip off 9/10 but they’ll be getting my smoko money until maccas fix their shit.

  5. sue says:

    They quicly remove specials so I prefer HJ.

  6. Bossboy says:

    The chicken n cheese isn’t good value. You can buy a McChicken pattie on its own for $2.

  7. Dazza says:

    The $1 burger is now $2.50. Wish they’d stop messing with the pricing!

  8. Gluten is good says:


  9. anonboi69 says:

    Seems like, at least in some areas, the $1 hamburger deal has ended.

  10. John says:

    Went for my usual two $1 hamburgers today. Girl said ‘They’ve finished that special – it was too great a deal.” Here I see that the Official Site still has them for $1. Will check site before going again!

  11. Gluten Free Please says:

    What about a new gluten free menu, there are so many of us that would love to have a gluten free treat from McDonalds.

  12. Anon2 says:

    The BLT is $2.50, not $2.

  13. Andrew says:

    I now take my little girl to Hungry Jack’s on the weekend because it is a third of the price of McDonald’s. McDonald’s has become such a rip off and they must be losing a stack of customers. Seriously, who would pay $13 for a Angus burger meal from Macca’s when you can go out and eat a pub meal at those prices.

    Also compare Aussie prices to the US. We pay double what they pay.

    • Anonymous says:

      Man, you are paying for the quality. I don’ know anyone that eats hungry jack anymore because everybody knows its shit quality. Also you shouldn’t be feeding any of this shit to children. And the U.S. pays less because their dollar value is better and they don’t have a GST.

      • Anon's a wank says:

        Mate you are fucking retarded, everyone knows maccas is a rip off with their tiny burgers, and quality? Bwahahahah what a load of bs! The burgers really are bigger and better at hungry jacks.

      • Anonymous says:

        lol not sure what planet you’re from but mcdonalds is the worst

    • Ashlynn says:

      You go to maccas choosing to buy the expensive meals and you can get 4 for 4$ i went to hungry jacks and got a meal any it was 14.50 like theirs exactly the same , go to hj and get their “loaded fries ” $4.95 go to maccas and get their “loaded fries ” 3.15

      • Trish Hunt says:

        Disagree. Check out the HJ vouchers. Sign up email and you get $1 onion rings, 2 whoppers for $7.95, etc. all by showing your mobile phone. Dominos also has good deals online. These vouchers are for the fans. Wish maccas or KFC did same for their fans. Miss those Big Macs but not when they burn such a big hole in my pocket.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Menus oit of date, most items were removed, the cones and Mcbites had price rises (60c and 2.50)

  15. paul caja says:

    Goodbye Maccas: Hello Hungry’s

    Maccas, you have lost me & my family, sorry . U have done away with the $5.00 Meal Deal. We went in, & we bought less, & , OMG ! it cost us nearly twice as much.

    • Daniel Kenneth Parslow says:

      Double beef and bacon has been removed. Maccas usually have a deal of this nature, anyone know of the new deal?

  16. Glenn says:

    The maccas I was at had Hash browns back up to $2.15 and they now have sour grape frozen fanta replacing sour blueberry.
    Honestly the Maccas loose change nenu is rubbish now since they removed all the beef burgers from it

    • Will says:

      Thanks for the comments Glenn. I’ve noticed that Macca’s have removed the Hash Brown off the loose change menu since the Monopoly promo started.

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