2016 McDonald’s Monopoly Australia Food Prizes

Scroll down for Macca’s Monopoly 2016 instant win food prizes, or click on one of the following links for more info:

Instant Win Food Prizes

Winning Message on App Winning Message on Ticket Generic Ticket No. Instant Win Food Prize RRP each Max No. of Prizes Total RRP
WINNER Free Big Mac BIG MAC AUS880 Big Mac® $5.55 Peeled: 685,568

App: 410,980

WINNER Free McChicken Burger McCHICK EN BRGR AUS881 McChicken® $5.45 Peeled: 541,190

App: 324,379

WINNER Free English Brekkie Wrap


AUS882 English Brekkie Wrap $5.00 Peeled: 505,111

App: 302,754

WINNER Free Sausage McMuffin SAUSAGE McMUFFI N AUS883 Sausage McMuffin® $3.40 Peeled: 1,226,697

App: 735,260

WINNER Free Cheeseburger CHEESEB URGER AUS884 Cheeseburger $2.80 Peeled: 1,010,221

App: 618,381



one get on free Create Your Taste Burger



AUS885 CYT Buy One Get One Free $12.56 Peeled: 432,952

App: 159,302

WINNER Free Chicken McWrap CHICKEN McWRAP AUS886 Chicken Wrap $7.05 Peeled: 505,111

App: 302,754

WINNER Free Macaron McCAFE MACARO N AUS887 Macaron $1.95 Peeled: 577,269

App: 346,005


WINNER Free Small McCafe Bev.

SML McCAFE BEV AUS888 Small McCafe® Beverage $3.75 Peeled: 2,020,442

App: 1,053,561

WINNER Free Small Fries OR Fruit Bag SML FRIES OR FRUIT BAG AUS889 Small Fries OR Fruit Bag $2.20 Peeled: 4,185,202

App: 2,546,705

WINNER Free Small Sundae SML SUNDAE AUS890 Small Sundae $3.35 Peeled: 2,020,442

App: 1,111,017

WINNER Free Small Smoothie OR Frappe SML SMOOTHI E OR FRAPPE AUS891 Small BIM $4.25 Peeled: 721,586

App: 432,506