DEAL: Oporto – 12 Days of Christmas – Free Food, Drink & Prizes (13 December to 24 December)

Starting 13 December and ending 24 December, Oporto are doing their 12 Days of Christmas promotion, exclusively for Flame Rewards members, with heaps of offers, giveaways and prizes to celebrate!

The offers are:

  • Day 1 (13 December): 20% off General Pants voucher to redeem online when you spend $15 in store.
  • Day 2 (14 December): Free upgrade to 600ml drink when you spend $15 in store.
  • Day 3 (15 December): $5 Menulog Voucher when you spend $15.
  • Day 4 (16 December): Buy 1 get 1 free Ben & Jerry’s shortie when you spend $15 in store.
  • Day 5 (17 December): Receive a free packet of 150g Oporto Thins Chips in store spend $15 in store.
  • Day 6 (18 December): Free Portuguese Tart when you spend $15 in store today.
  • Day 7 (19 December): Free delivery voucher with Deliveroo.
  • Day 8 (20 December): Receive Double Points.
  • Day 9 (21 December): Free Oporto ‘Spicy’ Cap when you’re one of the first 100 people to spend $15 in store.
  • Day 10 (22 December): Free regular Spicy Bolas when you spend $15 or more in store.
  • Day 11 (23 December): Double pass to Rare Finds concert plus a pre-show dinner experience, for first 40 people to spend $15 in store (Sydney and Brisbane only).
  • Day 12 (24 December): Free ticket to Moonlight Cinemas for first 100 people to spend $15 in store.

To enter, simply meet the conditions above and be a Flame Rewards member – which you can do by clicking here!

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