NEWS: Domino’s Extreme Sundaes (Choc Brownie & Choc Chip Cookie)

New to their menu and launching February 5, Domino’s are introducing Extreme Sundaes!

Handcrafted and made with real ice cream, not soft serve, they’re available in two flavours for $4.95 each:

  • Choc Brownie: All natural vanilla ice-cream, swirled with a rich choc fudge sauce and topped with chunks of choc fudge brownie
  • Choc Chip Cookie: All natural vanilla ice-cream, swirled with a rich choc fudge sauce and topped with chunky choc chip cookie

It officially launches on Monday, but to try it out in their exclusive early access menu, click here! You can also try their brand new King Size (40cm or 16 inch) pizzas and Oven Baked Sandwiches hrough the link as well!

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If you’ve tried Domino’s new sundaes, let us know what you think in the comments!

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