DEAL: 7-Eleven App – $1 Nestlé Chocolate Bar, $2 Topped Muffin, $2 Smoothie & more (until 11 October 2019)


Until 11 October 2019, 7-Eleven are offering new deals when you download the 7-Eleven Fuel App!

Deals include:

  • $2 NEW 200g 7-Eleven Topped Muffin varieties 
  • $2 300ml 7-Eleven Juice Smoothie varieties
  • $4 7-Eleven Wrap varieties *Normally $6* 
  •  $1 35-55g Nestle Medium Bar varieties 
  • $2 80-90g Smith’s Chips varieties  *Normally $3.60*  
  •  $2 170g-200g The Natural Confectionery Co Lolly Bags 
  • $25 for Telstra $50 Starter Pack 

To download the app and take advantage of these offers, click here for iPhones and iPads and click here for Android devices!

To locate your closest 7-Eleven store, click here and for more 7-Eleven deals, click on one of these links:

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