DEAL: McDonald’s $2 McFlurry

DEAL: McDonald's $2 McFlurry 3Until 20 April 2021, McDonald’s are have brought back $2 McFlurry’s!

You can choose from the following flavours, including the new Cookie Time McFlurry plus classic flavours Oreo Cookie and M & M Minis, flavours which are then mixed into creamy soft serve.

It normally costs up to $5.05 depending on the store, but recently McDonald’s have offered $4 McFlurry’s as part of the Loose Change Menu, so this represents a significant saving on the regular price.

The deal is only available from 10:30am to midnight until 20 April 2021.

The deal is also available on the app. To download the app, click on one of these links:

There’s other cool features in the app, including saving your favourite meals and using the built in McCafe loyalty card.

The deal is available at participating restaurants but isn’t available on McDelivery.

To try out this deal and to locate your closest Macca’s store, click here! Tried this deal from Macca’s? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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