DEAL: Carl’s Jr App Deals valid from 9 to 11 August 2021

DEAL: Carl's Jr App Deals valid from 9 to 11 August 2021 9From 9 to 11 August 2021, Carl’s Jr are offering the following deals, exclusive to the MyCarl’s App!

  • $3 for 10 Star Nuggets 
  • $4 Hand-breaded Chicken Fillet Burger 
  • $5 Big Carl

To download the app, click on one of these links:

There’s stores across Australia, with stores in QLD, NSW, Victoria, and South Australia. This deal excludes the Brisbane Airport store and delivery.

You can find your closest Carls Jr. store here., and you can find more deals on our Carls Jr Deals page! Or click on one of these links:

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  1. Mr Paul. says:

    I do not use commercial apps on my devices and will not. I resent being forced to install a program (app) in order to obtain a special offer. This extends to my refusing to buy anything at anytime from any retailer who insists on people installing their app to obtain a special offer. I regret this as I would really like to try Carl’s Jr but will not as long as there are app only deals offered.
    All offers available on an app should also be accessible with a voucher available to everyone via website with no app installation required. There are also many people, and large sections of the community, especially older or disabled people who are unable to install and use apps on devices, so I see this growing trend to use app-only deals as extremely discriminatory.
    Please rectify this, in which case I will look forward to trying you products in the future.
    Best Regards.

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