2023 Hungry Jack’s UNO Prizes

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Instant Win Non-Food Prizes

Instant Win Prizes Value of each (RRP)  Max No. of Prizes  Total Max Value (Total RRP) 
Mitsubishi ASX $26,4902$52,980
Samsung Home Entertainment System$5,4982$10,996
$2,500 Booking.com Travel Escape$2,5002$5,000
Samsung 65” OLED TV$4,4993$13,497
Beko AutoDose Washing Machine$1,3495$6,745
Beko Dark Stainless Dishwasher$1,0995$5,495
$1,000 JB Hi-Fi eGift Card$1,0002$2,000
$5,000 CASH$5,0001$5,000
$1,000 CASH$1,0005$5,000
$500 CASH $50010$5,000
$1,000 Home & Garden Gift Card$1,0003$3,000
$1,000 Shopping Gift Card$1,0004$4,000
$1,000 Fashion Gift Card$1,0003$3,000
$1,000 FILA Gift Card$1,00010$10,000
Menulog for a Year$2,08020$41,600
Mystery Travel Experience$2,0004$8,000
Mystery VIP Experience$2,0002$4,000
Beko PowerClean Stick Vacuum$69925$17,475
Beko Espresso Coffee Machine$49925$12,475
Beko Air Purifier$29925$7,475
$500 BCF eGift Card$5005$2,500
$500 FILA Gift Card$50045$22,500
$500 JB Hi-Fi eGift Card$5005$2,500
$500 Home & Garden Gift Card$5006$3,000
$500 Shopping Gift Card$5008$4,000
$500 Fashion Gift Card$5006$3,000
Sennheiser Earbuds$260100$26,000
$200 BCF eGift Card$20010$2,000
American Tourister Luggage$28020$5,600
$250 FILA Gift Card$25065$16,250
$200 CAT Workwear Gift Card$20010$2,000
$100 BCF eGift Card$1005$500
$100 FILA Gift Card$100100$10,000
$100 JB Hi-Fi eGift Card$1005$500
$100 Shell Gift Card$10030$3,000
$100 Google Store Gift Card$100250$25,000
$50 Shell Gift Card$50150$7,500
$50 FILA Gift Card$50425$21,250
$100 Samsung Voucher$1002,500$250,000
$100 Beko Home Appliance Voucher$10020,000$2,000,000
$20 Sennheiser Headphones Voucher$20500,000$10,000,000
Annual Go Gamers Premium Membership$80656,652$52,532,160
$50 Beko Home Appliance Voucher$50250,000$12,500,000
$20 Experience Oz Voucher$20150,000$3,000,000
$30 Google Store Voucher$30550,000$16,500,000
$25 American Tourister Voucher$25501,007$12,525,175
Event Cinema eVoucher$2410,000$240,000
Free Photo Book by Snapfish$23500,000$11,500,000
$10 Menulog Voucher$1010,000$100,000
$15 Menulog Voucher$155,000$75,000
$20 CAT Workwear Voucher$2050,000$1,000,000
$20 NBLSTORE Jersey eGift card$2099,971$1,999,420
$15 Ticketek Vouchers$151,000$15,000
One Free Rental with Cinebuzz On Demand$151,000$15,000
$15 Star Car Wash Voucher$151,000$15,000
$10 FILA Footwear Voucher$1011,130$111,300

Instant Win Food Prizes

Instant Win Food Prize Value of each (RRP) PricesMax No. of Prizes Total Value (Total RRP)
Small Chips $2.40 




Small Soft Drink $2.90 




Small Sundae $3.40 




Cheeseburger $4.00 




Whopper $7.90 




Bacon Deluxe $8.80 




Classic Jack’s Fried Chicken $9.50 




6 Nuggets $6.45 




Hash Brown $2.00 




Small Coffee $3.95 




Collect to Win Cash Prizes

There’s $100,000 in cash prizes up for grabs – collect one Gold Wild Card for each of the following codes to win the prize stated below!

Collect one Gold WILD Card for each of these Collectable Codes to complete a set of three (3)Maximum number of prizesEach Jackpot Cash Prize Value
A1, A2, A31$10,000
B1, B2, B31$10,000
APA1, APA2, APA31$5,000
APB1, APB2, APB31$5,000
APC1, APC2, APC31$5,000
APD1, APD2, APD31$5,000
APE1, APE2, APE31$5,000
APF1, APF2, APF31$5,000
APG1, APG2, APG31$5,000
APH1, APH2, APH31$5,000
API1, API2, API31$5,000
APJ1, APJ2, APJ31$5,000
C1, C2, C31$2,500
D1, D2, D31$2,500
E1, E2, E31$2,500
F1, F2, F31$2,500
G1, G2, G31$2,500
H1, H2, H31$2,500
J1, J2, J31$1,000
K1, K2, K31$1,000
L1, L2, L31$1,000
M1, M2, M31$1,000
N1, N2, N31$1,000
P1, P2, P31$1,000
Q1, Q2, Q31$1,000
R1, R2, R31$1,000
S1, S2, S31$1,000
T1, T2, T31$1,000
U1, U2, U31$1,000
V1, V2, V31$1,000
W1, W2, W31$1,000
X1, X2, X31$1,000
Y1, Y2, Y31$1,000
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Popular Prize Information: Mitsubishi ASX / $100 Beko Home Appliance Voucher / $20 Sennheiser Headphones Voucher / Annual Go Gamers Premium Membership / $50 Beko Home Appliance Voucher / $20 Experience Oz Voucher / $30 Google Store Voucher / $25 American Tourister Voucher / Free Photo Book by Snapfish / $10 Menulog Voucher / $15 Menulog Voucher / $20 CAT Workwear Voucher / $20 NBLSTORE Jersey eGift card / $10 FILA Footwear Voucher