Grill’d Menu Prices (UPDATED July 2024)

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Note: Prices may vary by store.

All burgers include Traditional or Panini Bun. Extra $1.50 for Gluten Free or Low Carb Super Bun.

Beef Burgers

Simply Grill’d$12.90
Crispy Bacon & Cheese$15.50
Summer Sunset$16.50
Mustard & Pickled$14.90
Chilli Addict$16.50

Chicken Burgers

Sweet Chilli Chicken$13.90
Zen Hen$14.50
Simon Says$15.50
Bird & Brie$15.50
Caesar’s Palace$15.50

Healthy Fried Chicken (HFC) Burgers

HFC Classic$14.50
HFC Chipotle$15.50
HFC Australian BBQ$15.90
HFC BLAT$15.90

Lamb Burgers

Mary’s Little Lamb$16.90
Baa Baa Burger$16.90

Wagyu Burgers

Wagyu Wunder$17.50
Sir Truffle$17.50
Bonfire BBQ$17.50
Luxe Nacho Burger$17.50

Vegetarian Burgers

Zesty Mexi$14.50
Vegan Zesty Mexi$14.50
Impossible Simply Grill’d$14.90
Vegan Impossible Simply Grill’d$14.90
Impossible Garden Goodness$16.90
Garden Goodness$13.90
Vegan Garden Goodness$13.90
Vegan Impossible Garden Goodness$16.90


Classic, Vintage, Brie Chick or Zen Chick Sliders2 for $14.50 / 3 for $17.50

Gamechanger Range

Gamechanger Simply Grill’d$13.90
Gamechanger Crispy Bacon & Cheese$16.50
Gamechanger Summer Sunset$17.50
Gamechanger Mustard & Pickled$15.90
Gamechanger Chilli Addict$17.50
Mighty Gamechanger$17.90


Superpower Salad$14.90
Chicken Caesar Salad$14.90
Chicken Pom Salad$14.90

Chips & Dips

Famous Grill’d Chips$4.90 (Snack)
$6.90 (Regular)
Sweet Potato Chips$4.90 (For One)
$8.90 (To Share)
Zucchini Chips$4.90 (For One)
$8.90 (To Share)
Chips Share Plate$14.60
Herbed Mayo Chip Dip$1.20
Sweet Chilli Mayo Chip Dip$1.20
Chipotle Mayo Chip Dip$1.20
Tomato Relish Chip Dip$1.20


Saltbush & Pepper Onion Rings$4.90 (For One)
$8.90 (To Share)
Healthy Fried Chicken Bites$7.90 (6 Bites)
$10.90 (9 Bites)
$13.90 (12 Bites)


Healthy Fried Chicken Pocket Rocket$5.50
HFC Julius Caesar Pocket Rocket$5.50
Snack Slider$5.50

For the Kids

Beef, Chicken, Veggie or 6 HFC Bites Mini Me Pack with Water or Apple Juice$9.90
Dynamic Beef, Dynamic Chicken, Dynamic Veggie or Dynamic Beef Cheeseburger$12.90

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